There are several blogs out there about how to get the perfect Christmas tree or the perfect decorations. There’s something magical about picking that perfect tree, cutting it down yourself, bringing it home, and decorating it. While we don’t want to think about the end of the season, especially this year, it’s good to think about what you might want to do with your tree afterward. The beautiful thing about live trees is that they can be used in several different ways including firewood, mulch, and much more! Keep on reading for just a few ways you can use your tree long after Christmas.

The BEST Way To Recycle Your Christmas Tree 1
  • Recycle: If you have no particular use for the tree after the season is over the best thing to do is recycle it so others may benefit from it. Don’t throw it in the trash. Instead, see if your town has a curbside pick up for the trees. Live trees are biodegradable so at the very least it can be safely used for something else.
  • Firewood: Do you enjoy using your fire pit when it gets colder? Your old tree will be perfect for kindling! One thing to keep in mind is to not burn the wood indoors. Certain Christmas trees have creosote on them that can be hazardous when it’s burned in confined spaces. It tends to burn a lot hotter than normal wood sending out hotter sparks.
  • Mulch: Plan early for your garden! The tree, especially the branches, can be broken down to use for mulch. Not only will you be able to recycle the tree, but you’ll save yourself some time and money on mulch in the spring.
The BEST Way To Recycle Your Christmas Tree 2
  • Compost: If you regularly compost or are thinking about starting one, the tree is perfect to add to it! The branches are the best for composting and mulching but if you have the ability to break up the trunk itself you can add that as well.