One of the biggest arguments you’ll find in the Christmas community is with real trees versus artificial trees. Are artificial trees more convenient than real trees? Technically, yes, they’re somewhat easier to deal with, but at what cost? Christmas is about coming together as a family, enjoying each other’s company. Part of that is going out to Crystal Spring Tree Farm to pick out the perfect tree your family can enjoy throughout the season. Here are just a few reasons why getting a real tree this Christmas outshines an artificial tree.

• The Experience: Going to the store is stressful enough especially around the holidays. When you do find the artificial section you only see the same trees out on display. There’s very little variety. You grab the box, maybe some more decorations, and head out. The experience of getting a real tree is so much different (and in our opinion better, too). For one thing, the entire experience is outside so you’re getting a wonderful dose of fresh air. While the trees look similar, none of them are identical. Each tree has its own unique characteristic that makes choosing it even more fun. It’s a family decision as opposed to rushing out to grab a box of a tree and go.

people admiring a snowy tree
Fraser Fir Christmas Trees

• The Smell: Do you enjoy that fresh scent of trees? Even after the tree is in your home it will have a beautiful fresh scent that takes over the space. To achieve that with an artificial tree you have to spend even more money buying fresh pine car air fresheners to hide in the tree or a special spray that you have to keep using throughout the season. Definitely not ideal.

• Easily Disposable: While you’re able to keep an artificial tree for a few years when it’s time to replace it what do you do with it? Unfortunately, they’re not recyclable which means they’ll end up in a landfill someplace. Real trees are part of nature no matter what stage of life they’re in. They’re biodegradable and recyclable which is wonderful for the environment. There are several ways you can reuse your trees such as kindling for a fire, mulch, and more!

family taking home a tree
Crystal Spring Team by Winning Tree

• Supporting Local Businesses: Big boxed stores care about the customers as a whole, especially if it can make them more money. Especially around the holidays, their main goal is getting you through the line with as little tears and anger as possible. Crystal Spring Tree Farm has been selling trees and pumpkins since 1964. We take pride in each pumpkin and tree we plant. One of the best things is seeing families come year after year. It’s fun watching children’s faces light up when they see so many trees in front of them. For a short time, all of the stress from the daily hustle melts away as you pick out the perfect tree for the year.

Why not start a new tradition this year? Come visit us at the farm!